Moving Past the Election, a Better Perspective

Some have been dramatically proclaiming that America is dead, liberty is dead, and so on.  While I can understand having such feelings at the spur of the moment after an election like that which we just witnessed, to dwell on those feelings and buy into them is self destructive and just plain wrong.

The reality is much more positive.  Liberty is not defeated.  We are alive.  We will fight on for the cause of liberty for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and beyond.

Please see the following posts by my good friend Chris Littleton…

This post (“America Is Not Dead”) is excellent in and of itself and includes a link to a prior post, titled “Obama Won, What Now?” which, itself, has a link to another great post titled “Obama Isn’t the Enemy”, from prior to the election.  I highly recommend reading all three.


Are there reasons to Vote for Romney over Obama?

I’m constantly deluged, from my Libertarian leaning friends, with lists of things that Obama and Romney have in common.

Okay fine.  I won’t argue against the point that they have more in common than I’d like.  But, I remind them that while apples and oranges are generally round-ish, have seeds, grow on trees, and may have many more things in common, it is the differences I focus on when choosing between them.

Obama vs RomneyBefore I go further, for perspective, I want readers to know I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and, years ago, voted for Ross Perot, so I know what it is to support a 3rd party candidate.

Here are what I consider the top 4 reasons to vote for Romney over Obama even if, like me, you think Romney is far more of a Big Government Republican than you’re comfortable.

1. Supreme court justices:  Even if you’re deeply disappointed with the bottom line decision supported by Roberts in the Obamacare case, a read of the opinions by Roberts as compared to Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, within that ruling, make it crystal clear that we can’t afford more Obama appointed justices.

Here are a couple quotes from Ginsburg, who’s opinion was joined by Sotomayor and Kagan;  for examples:

  1. “at the time the Constitution was framed, to ‘regulate’ meant, among other things, to require action.”
  2. “the Commerce Clause authorizes Congress to enact the minimum coverage provision”

In short, Ginsburg supports the notion that the Federal government really should have no bounds where it perceives need to act.

We truly cannot afford more Liberal justices like Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

2) Debt: Even with all the spending Bush did at the end, he “only” (there’s an ironic word) added about half a trillion per year to the debt. As awful as that was, Obama has added at over twice that rate (about 1.25 Trillion per year). Obama has added more in 4 years than Bush did in 8.  While there can be no guarantee, I just don’t believe Romney will spend at anywhere near the rate Obama has.

Our country desperately needs to slow the rate at which we’re taking on debt until we can implement real and major reforms.

Did you know that if we completely eliminated the military and the government, the entitlements plus interest on the debt is still more than we take in with taxes each year?  See here.. that’s a scary fact!

3) Obamacare:  Simply put, constitutional or not, Obamacare is bad law.  Key issues like tort reform and common sense solutions for pre-existing conditions have been proposed and can be put in place upon the repeal of Obamacare… which we simply can’t afford.

4) Energy:  I’m all for alternative energy but there’s no reason to kill our economy by attacking coal and oil before alternative energy solutions are more mature.  Obama will continue to attack American oil producers, even while supporting drilling for oil in Brazil.  If he cared about the environment, why is drilling for oil to be supported in Brazil?  Romney will support American energy production which will help our economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The bottom line…

If everything else is the same between Obama and Romney, the above are reason enough to vote Obama out this year by voting for Romney.  Even if you don’t agree with all of the above, if you agree with some of it, a vote for Romney is the logical choice.

To be clear, a Romney win is a small step in the right direction but is not the end of the fight.  Everyone should be contacting your local liberty groups like Libertas, Tea Parties, Ohio Liberty Coalition, etc. to learn about how to get involved in your local precincts to reform the Republican party from within and work toward a future where small-government candidates have a chance.

Please help remove Obama from office and give fledgling liberty groups a chance to grow, hopefully with your help, before we are buried in debt and unbridled government growth.. vote Romney.

Ohioans not voting for Romney better be sure…

Even though Ohio is now reportedly in a dead heat, many Ohio Libertarians and Libertarian Leaning Conservatives are still planning to either not vote, vote for Gary Johnson, or even write in Ron Paul.

Like them, I agree that Romney was not my first, second, or even third choice for the GOP candidate.  And, like them I’m upset about how Ron Paul supporters were, and are, treated by the GOP.  But, unlike them, I’m voting for Romney.

When I say I’m voting for Romney, many argue that I’m betraying my principles, ignoring the abuses of the GOP, and even allowing myself to be used, like a pawn, by Romney and the GOP.

But, I see it this way, point by point;

1) Ignoring My Principles:  Not Hardly.  To pretend that Gary Johnson can still win this year is beyond naïve.  Even more so for Ron Paul.   The reality is that Obama or Romney will win.  (I’ll buy the most annoying Libertarian I know (he knows who he is), lunch weekly for a year if Johnson or Paul win on November 6, 2012.)  So, when faced with the two actual choices, how am I abandoning my principles to vote against the person I see as farthest from them?  If Obama and Romney were identically bad on 99 points but Romney was better on 1 of 100, Romney is still the logical choice.

2) Ignoring the abuses of the GOP:  Seriously?  I’m just stunned by the people who reference being angry with the GOP as if that’s something new.  Duh!  Of course we don’t like the establishment GOP!  That’s exactly why we formed Tea Parties back in 09.  In fact, I helped organize the first very Tea Party rally on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square in 2009 and have been active in the Tea Party ever since.  If I liked the GOP or expected good things from them, I wouldn’t bother with the Tea Party.  Folks need to check their expectations and get real.

3) Romney and the GOP are using people like me:  Sorry, but they have it backwards when they say this.  It is I and people like myself who are using Romney and the current GOP establishment.  We have no illusions that Romney is the ultimate answer.  We just want to slow the bleeding while we continue to build liberty groups to the point where we can install the more liberty minded candidates we all want instead of these big government solution Keynesian types we’ve always been stuck with.  It is we who will discard the GOP old-guard big government types when they no longer represent the best available option.

For those wanting to make a statement vote, I ask you this:  What was the impact of those who made a statement vote in 2000, 04, or 08? (insert the sound of crickets here)

And, for those in Ohio, where we have a 50% chance of determining the election outcome (or in any battleground state): Are you really sure you’re willing for your individual vote to be the one that gives us four more years of Obama and 1 or 2 more Liberal Supreme court justices that we could have to live with for decades?  Better be sure…

The Obama “Foodstamp President” label is about economics, not race!

Recently Chris Matthews, on the Maximum Slant News Broadcasting Company (MSNBC), tangled with Newt Gingrich and insisted that referring to Obama as the “Foodstamp President” is racist.  See a clip here.

Do you think Chris is unaware that most foodstamp recipients, and most of the new foodstamp recipients, are white, as Newt points out?

And, do you think Chris was blind-sided by yesterday’s news that Food-Stamp usage has recently set new records as described here by Bloomberg?

Newsflash for Chris, sometimes a reference to foodstamps is just a reference to foodstamps and the economic realities that lead to their use!


MARK THIS DAY: US National Debt Exceeds $16 TRILLION

Mark THIS DAY!: We passed the $16 TRILLION mark in National Debt today!


(Latest debt data here)

Now for some “fun facts”:

The debt increased $4.899 TRILLION under 8 years of the Bush presidency.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the Debt was at $10.626 TRILLION when Obama Took Office and it has increased $5.374 TRILLION in UNDER 4 years of Obama, to the $16 TRILLION mark passed today.  That’s right, Obama is coming up on having added a half a TRILLION more debt in 4 years than Bush added in 8.

And remember, if the Obamacare policies (i.e. taxes) all kicked in when passed, this number would already be much higher.

Where’s My Secret Decoder Ring When I Need It?

This has to fall under some sort of too stupid to be believable category… except I provide the link.

Just days ago, Obama and Biden both made speeches in which they were clearly making racial overtones. No “code words” required.

Never mind Biden’s obvious reference to putting people “back in chains”.  Someone please tell me what Obama was referring to if not race when saying he is needed to provide a world in which you can make it “no matter what your last name is.”

So now, in a lame and ridiculous attempt to make it look like Romney is the one trying to make the campaign about race, we have an Obama supporting co-host on MSNBC trying to claim Romney is using racist code words because he used the word “anger” twice to describe Obama’s campaign (see this).  Are you kidding me???

Never mind what all we’ve heard about “Angry White Men”, apparently “anger” is, in this deluded pundit’s mind, a clear and unambiguous reference to “Angry Black Men.”

Where’s my secret decoder ring when I need it???