Welcome to my blog!

This blog will be a sounding board and repository for what I hope to be my more useful thoughts, however much like needles in a haystack they may be.  Most posts will almost certainly be political in nature but, from time to time, I may post about other topics that I believe folks may find helpful or of interest.  For example, watch this spot for my tip on how to keep bird doo off the swings on your child’s swing set.  That’s one I think some parents may appreciate.

With regard to political topics, it is my hope that this blog will serve as a resource of useful “arguments” to which someone can link when a given topic arises, instead of always having to “recreate the wheel” when it comes to stating or restating your (or my) case.  I’ll do my best to do a good job of categorizing and tagging posts to make it easy for you and I to quickly find relevant materials when various topics arise.

Though still learning my way around WordPress, I anticipate opening up comments.  I ask that people be respectful and stick to attacking issues and logic, and not people, when referring to myself or others who may comment.

Best Regards,

Brian Willis

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