2012 Election Action Page

It has been said “The world is run by those who show up.”

Are you going to “Show Up”?  Take action in the 2012 Election!!!…

This Action Page begins with resources for those closest to my location (most of my readers) and works out to broader areas.  Also, the top of the page has static items.  At the bottom, I’ll attempt to keep current on local one-time opportunities.

Keep in mind that you can always go search for the campaign page of a particular candidate you like and look for their volunteer sign up link or page.




Clermont County Ohio

Clermont Liberty PAC: Go here (http://www.clermontlibertypac.org/) and subscribe to the email newsletter which will frequently have local volunteer opportunities.

ClermontCounty Tea Party: Signing up here (http://www.clermontteaparty.org/) is also good and you can, optionally, attend meetings to learn more about getting involved.

Clermont GOP Volunteer Opportunities


Other Southwestern Ohio Resources

Cincinnati Tea Party : Always good for keeping in touch in the Southwestern Ohio area, be sure to sign up for email alerts at www.cincinnatiteaparty.org.

If in the West Chester area, please support my favorite Ohio State Legislative candidate.  Mike Wilson, founder of the Cincinnati Tea party, has lots of local volunteer opportunity for his campaign for the Ohio House: http://www.citizensformikewilson.com/

GOP Resources in Southwest Ohio

LebanonVictoryCenter30 West Main Str Kristin Milligan kmilligan@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
LibertyTownshipVictoryCenter 4879 Mercedes Drive Laura Engquist Lengquist@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
BeavercreekVictoryCenter3297 Seajay Dr Laura Hicks Lhicks@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
CentervilleVictoryCenter7720 Paragon Rd Matt Rodriguez mrodriguez@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
WestwoodVictory Center2300 Montana Ave Suite 420 Cincinnati Jenna  Kruschinski jkruschinksi@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
EastgateVictoryCenter813 Eastgate South Drive Suite A&B Cincinnati John Otworth jotworth@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
KenwoodVictoryCenter8220 North Creek Dr Suite 210Cincinnati Lauren Bowen lbowen@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm
ColerainVictoryCenter8240 Clara Ave


Kevin Modlin kmodlin@ohiovictory.org M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-5pm

Ohio Statewide Opportunities

Ohio Liberty Coalition Opportunities

Sign up for emails and check for opportunities here: http://www.ohiolibertycoalition.org/

To Support Romney/Ryan, anywhere in Ohio, you can go to www.romneyoh.com.

For my Northern Kentucky friends…

Sign up for alerts from www.nkyteaparty.org.


Again, I recommend you search for your candidate of choice to find their campaign page and look for volunteer opportunities.

Or, if supporting Romney/Ryan, you can go to http://www.mittromney.com/forms/welcome-v3

CURRENT Opportunities in Greater Cincinnati

None for now..

Contact your local Victory center.  They need people to stop in and make calls.

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